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Information on nearby sightseeing spots

Information about sightseeing spots around Chuzenji Pension
Please help us in deciding on a travel plan*Time is a guide
  • Nature

    • Senjogahara Plateau

      Senjogahara Plateau is the center of hiking in Okunikko
      Listen to the flow of Yukawa, walk along the wooden path while gazing at the flowers of the marsh, and forget about the heat in the splash of the waterfall.
      It is rare course where you can experience various changes in nature over such a short distance.
      Therefore, the number of people who use it from spring to autumn is large.
      To walk around Senjogahara Plateau Yutaki Falls, Kotoku Entrance, Akanuma, or Ryuzu Falls.
      No matter where you start walking, there are almost no climbs and descents, and even people who are not very physically fit can easily enjoy hiking.

      15 minutes by car.
    • Yutaki Falls

      It is a very dynamic waterfall where water makes white bubbles and slides down the rock surface of 110m in length.
      Mitsudake Volcano dammed the river and Lake Yunoko, but the flow of water overflowing from that lake is this Yutaki Falls.
      There is a observatory under the waterfall, and you can see the waterfall so close that it can be splashed.

      20 minutes by car.
    • Ryuzu Falls

      This waterfall is a waterfall like Hayase and extends for 210m from the vicinity of the bridge where the national highway crosses to the observatory where the teahouse is located below.
      When viewed from the observatory, the rock in the center looks like a dragon's head, so it is called Ryuzu Falls.

      10 minutes by car.
    • Lake Chuzenji

      Lake Chuzenji, which represents the lakes of Nikko, Mt Nantai, with a circumference of 25 km and a maximum depth of 163 m.
      Trout such as Kokanee inhabit the lake and are crowded with many anglers during the ban period from April 1st to September 19th.
      In addition, you can enjoy sightseeing boats and boating around the lake.
      In addition, Lake Chuzenji once prospered as a villa for foreigners, and even today, it can be reminiscent of the villas of embassies such as France.

      In front of Chuzenji Pension
    • Kegon Falls

      Kegon Falls is Nikko 48 Falls and is one of the three most famous waterfalls in Japan.
      Approximately 9m wide,Head 100m.
      Lake Chuzenji flowing down this large rock wall at once is graceful and magnificent.
      There is also a free observatory on Takinoue, but if you want to see it up close, take the elevator down to the vicinity of the basin.

      10 minutes on foot.
    • Akechidaira

      Uphill Irohazaka Slope.
      Akechidaira Irohazaka Slope is exclusively for climbing, and is always crowded with tourists who enjoy the view while taking a break.
      Irohazaka Slope and Hannya Falls, which are exclusively for descent, can be seen from here and are attractive.
      *However, it is recommended that you stop by because it is a one-way street.

      10 minutes by car from Akechidaira
  • Facility

    • Chuzenji Temple Tachiki Kannon

      Chuzenji Temple is 784 years, in the temple, which was built by Shodo Shonin founding the Nikko, even in Betsuin of Nikko-zan Rinno-ji Temple
      The principal image is Statue of the Senju Kannon (thousand-armed Avalokiteshwara), which is said to have been hand-carved by Shodo Shodo Shonin himself, so it is also called Tachiki Kannon
      "Hikari no Otazuna (reins of light)" are being implemented.

      10 minutes on foot.
    • Chugushi Futarasan-Jinja Shrine

      Futarasan-jinja Shrine Nara Period, which is open group of Shodo Shonin
      Shrine God of Mt Nantai, Onamuchi-no-mikoto
      Passing through the large torii gate in front of you, the head office surrounded by old cedar feels solemn.The current hall of worship and the main hall are the oldest Nisha Ichiji (two shrines and one temple)
      Futarasan-jinja Shrine is headquartered in Yamauchi, where Nisha Ichiji (two shrines and one temple) are located, with Mt Nantai Chugushi Shrine the north shore of Lake Chuzenji Okumiya the summit of Mt. Nantai.

      4 minutes by car.
    • Lake Chuzenji Pleasure Boat

      You can enjoy the natural beauty of Okunikko
      Mt Nantai figure of Mt. Nantai and Mt Shirane, the natural beauty of the lakeshore, etc.
      You can see the view of the pleasure boat in a large panorama.

      Fune-no-Eki (boat pier) Chuzenji → Shobugahama Beach → Embassy Villa Memorial Park → Tachiki Kannon → Fune-no-Eki (boat pier) Chuzenji(55 minutes required for one lap)

      5 minutes on foot.
    • British Embassy Villa Memorial Park

      Ernest Satow, the British minister to Japan, and was subsequently used as a British embassy villa until 2008.
      The exhibition room has the same fireplace as it was at that time, and you can see the Lake Chuzenji

      30 minutes on foot.
    • Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park

      Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park is a park maintained as an International Summer Resort History Museum you can enjoy the view of Lake Chuzenji

      30 minutes on foot.
    • Nikko Natural Science Museum

      Okunikko an information transmission base for Okunikko, we provide the latest nature information, sightseeing information for Oku-Nikko, and various other information.
      In addition, Okunikko's nature experience activities has been enhanced.
      By using it together with activities, you Okunikko an easy-to-understand and fun way.
    • Nikko Toshogu Shrine

      At the shrine Ieyasu Tokugawa is enshrined, the current main shrine group, which most of them were rebuilt in the Great Rebuilding of Kanei According to the 1636 March Daishogun Iemitsu
      The precincts are lined with 55 buildings, including 8 national treasures and Important Cultural Properties, and their gorgeous beauty is overwhelming.
      The buildings are decorated with lacquer and colorful colors by master craftsmen gathered from all over the country, and many sculptures are displayed on the pillars.

      30 minutes by car.
    • Rinno-ji Temple

      At the end of the eighth century, the Shihonryuji Temple by Shodo Shonin of Shodo Shonin foundation was founding the Nikko as the origin, but has been developed as a center temple of Mt Nikko,
      In Joo year (1653), Taiyuin Temple, which is the third shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa-ko mausoleum since been erecting in the precincts, has received the veneration of Tokugawa Shogunate
      The main shrine of the Taiyu-in Mausoleum, the Aima, and the worship hall are designated as national treasures, and the other 37 buildings are designated as important cultural properties.

      30 minutes by car.
    • Nikko Futarasan Shrine

      Nikko shrine has long been worshiped as the center of Mountain Worship worship in Nikko, and many shrines were built, especially in the Middle Ages.
      In the Edo Period, the Tokugawa Shogunate built new main shrines and shrines, of which 23 buildings such as Shinkyo were designated as Important Cultural Properties

      30 minutes by car.
  • Hiking data

    • Mt Nantai(2,484m)

      ■Walking distance:6km
      ■Walking time:About 7 hours 20 minutes
      ■Route:Futarasan-jinja Shrine Chugushi Shrine to the summit
    • Odashirogahara

      ■Walking distance:5km
      ■Walking time:About 2 hours
      ■Route:Akanuma Observatory → Izumiyado Pond Branch Route Odashiro Entrance → Akanuma Branch Route → Akanuma
    • Senjogahara Plateau

      ■Walking distance:7km
      ■Walking time:About 3 hours
      ■Route:Kotoku Entrance from Sanbonmatsu → Izumiyado Pond → Aoki Bridge Akanuma Branch Route → Sanbonmatsu
    • Mt Oku-Shirane(2,578m)

      ■Walking distance:8km
      ■Walking time:About 7 hours
      ■Route:Suganuma Trailhead Midagaike Pond → Peak of Mt Shirane → Evacuation hut → Goshikinuma → Midagaike Pond → Suganuma
    • Kotoku

      ■Walking distance:2.5km
      ■Walking time:About 1 hour
      ■Route:Kotoku Onsen Kotoku Farm → Kotoku Pond → Court Clar Clar → Sanno Forest Road Entrance → Kotoku Onsen
    • Chanokidaira - Akechidaira

      ■Walking distance:3km
      ■Walking time:About 1 hour and 10 minutes
      ■Route:From Chuzenji Onsen Chanokidaira → Akechidaira observatory → Chuzenji Onsen