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Special dishes using seasonal ingredients

Supper is a full-course meal that is full of heartfelt creations that are particular about the ingredients.
You can enjoy it while Lake Chuzenji at dusk while the BGM of the player piano is playing.
  • Breakfast

    Mainly fluffy omelet with salad and sausages.
    You can enjoy the popular daily menu.

    【Hours Available】8:00
  • Dinner

    Supper can be enjoyed overlooking the lake while the BGM of the player piano is played at Anets Dining.
    Hors d'oeuvre salad,soup,Seafood Dish,Meat Dish,rice,Dessert,Coffee or tea course dinner.

    【Hours Available】18:00
    *plan with dinner, the final check-in is until 17:30.
  • Dining"HAATO"

    Enjoy a variety of luxurious menus in the dining room while being intoxicated by the romantic mood of the lake.